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    Inspiring and dot connecting turning you all the way on to music, people, places, things, and furbabes you need to know about. Basically,...just cool sh*t by and for strong, independent, creative, career driven women. Women who balance their personal world domination and life's challenges with style, grace, a flowing cape, and a sense of humor of seismic proportions.



    Music for your life's soundtrack.


    Mind, Body, Soul, & Closet.


    I love food, I love wine, let's talk about it.


    Animals are way cooler than people...especially dogs.


    Since I was a kid I've always been a dot-connector...

    I've always loved to write, it's been a natural outlet and passion since I was pre-teen dreamin'.


    These are my parents, this was their wedding picture. The picture speaks volumes in regards to the cloth I was cut from. The marriage was short lived but hey, they have this rad picture to show for it, and then, I'm here, so there's that.


    I have been blessed to have met a lot of wildly talented people along my journey thus far...fellow creatives, freak flag flyers, business beasts, and all around inspirational characters. This is my happy place where my friends and I will introduce you to people, places, things, and of course animals that inspire and excite us!


    If you'd like to check out my professional work you can dip on over here: www.BreeDeLano.com





    Bree DeLano





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